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General information

According to the bylaws of the „CNC-GB, Conselho Nacional de Carregadores da Guiné-Bissau“ all shipments with final destination Guinea-Bissau have to be accompanied by a „C.E.E. – Certificado Electrónico de Embarque“, in order to ensure the proper cargo clearance at destination. ASA GmbH issues by order and for account of the worldwide General Agent of the CNC-GB, the S.C.C., Lda, C.E.E.s for all cargo from Germany and the Benelux Countries with final destination Guinea-Bissau.

Please be informed, that considerable penalties will occur at POD in case any cargo with final destination Guinea-Bissau is not accompanied by a C.E.E..

The procedure details and the actual valid tariffs are to be found under the respective menu options.

For further information and additional help, please contact us.